With backgrounds in Industrial Design, Art and Architecture, Taylor and Jenny have been involved with art and design since childhood.  Taylor grew up in an environment of ethnographic art, at his parents gallery that has been located in downtown Santa Fe since 1987. Jenny grew up around her dad’s architectural models and designs as well as his metal sculpture.

    Taylor went on the study Industrial Design at Arizona State University, where furniture design was his favorite subject.  Some of our first designs were conceptualized while in college. Taylor went on to apprentice with a fine furniture maker in San Francisco, CA. Simultaneously, Taylor and Jenny started Modtribe Design.  It began in a small coop workspace in downtown San Francisco. This space and community facilitated our first projects. Soon after we decided to relocate back to our hometown Santa Fe to grow our business.

Working from our shop in Santa Fe, we start with raw materials such as wood and metal and use hand and power tools to create our vision. Our process starts at the lumber yard where we go through every board of wood the find the perfect fit and grain that matches our ideas. From there we mill our own boards and start the design and assembly process.